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What is StreamSports?

StreamSports is a free sports streaming website. Our goal is to become the only streaming website you need to remember. Our policy is simple: Strict quality control and no nonsense. We believe less is better, and simpler is greater. We don't want to annoy you or waste your time.

That's cool, I just need to watch a game...

You can navigate the live events page to find your game. Click on a game to show its streams.

How do I know which stream to watch?

Streams come in mainly two categories: HTTP and P2P.

HTTP streams are videos being hosted in real-time on a web-server. They usually load quickly and require no additional software.
However, due to server costs and bandwidth restrictions, HTTP streams tend to be on the lower side of the quality spectrum.

In addition, they are located on 3rd-party websites where ads cannot be avoided, and sometimes this makes the experience less than stellar. HTTP Streams also suffer when the number of simultaneous viewers exceeds what the server can handle, causing your stream to keep stopping and continiung, known as "buffering".

P2P (peer-to-peer) streams are streams where the data is being redistributed in real time on a P2P network. Every viewer is also actively streaming (uploading) part of the stream to other viewers, effectively contributing to the overall available bandwidth.

P2P streams oftentimes come in spectacular quality and excellent speeds regardless of the number of viewers due to their redistributed nature. However, to watch a P2P stream you need to download special P2P software.

Unfortunately, some ISPs (Internet Service Providers) limit or substantially choke P2P traffic, and most workplaces make it extremely difficult to use P2P programs to watch video. If you are at home and your ISP is not evil, StreamSports recommends that you watch high-def P2P links.

Stream Quality in Kbps is a general indicator of how good a stream looks and sounds. The higher the better. Streams above 3000Kbps usually look great. Nevertheless, some streamers manage to have fantastic streams at a much lower bitrate, so do check various streams, and try not to go for the highest bitrate every time.

Do I need special software?

If you want to watch an HTTP stream, you only need to click the link and your browser will play the video for you. However, if you want to watch higher-quality streams on P2P, you need to download special (and free) software. You can find them all here.

Every software we list is safe to download and use. We don't list software which we don't personally use on our own computers.

My stream keeps buffering and I'm about to smash my keyboard

We know the feeling. If you are behind a good internet connection, it usually IS the stream, not you. So don't smash your keybaord yet. You can try another stream if you are on an HTTP one, as usually streams get overloaded. If you haven't tried P2P streams, consider trying one. And of course, if you are behind a firewall you can temporarily disable it until the event finishes.

Can I watch streams on my smartphone?

Yes! Some HTTP streams work on smartphones, and also some P2P streaming programs are available on Android and iPhone. Check our software page for more info.

Sopcast says "Channel is offline". What can I do?

Sopcast usually removes access to streams a short while after they go online, especially the Premier League streams. To avoid this try to get in early, as early as the broadcast starts. There's not much you can do after it has gone offline. Try to look for a diferent stream.

Sopcast says "can't retrieve data". What can I do?

When this happens, you can easily get your channel to work. Go to Sopcast settings and uncheck "Run only one instance of sopcast". Go back to StreamSports and click the sopcast link 10 times. From experience, at least one should work. Close the other instances once one has started buffering, and enjoy your game. If you are very unlucky and this did not work, just rinse and repeat.

For more information on watching streams through P2P software, read our Sopcast Guide and Acestream Guide.

Are streams really live?

Most P2P streams - due to their redistributed nature - are 2-4 minutes late. HTTP streams have a much smaller delay. This shouldn't be a concern though on most streams.

How can I add my own streams?

We are more than happy to list your streams at StreamSports, click here.

I have another question or a suggestion

We would be delighted to hear from you, and we will reply if needed. We take feedback very seriously.

Click here to send us your queries

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